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Steve Umculo

Steve Umculo

Steve is an upbeat and energetic singer/songwriter born and raised in the culturally rich and bustling city of Johannesburg, South Africa. His music is a tasty blend between Mumford & Sons-esque harmonies and afro-centric grooves. Steve maintains a seamless balance between sing-along melodies and dance-inducing grooves; his live show is as zestful as his personality.

With a major portion of his career spent grooving behind a drum kit, Steve exudes a deep-rooted love for rhythm. In 2016 Steve took to the front of the stage, starting his singer/songwriter career with the cheerful and upbeat single, ‘Answer’. Shortly after Steve decided the fast-paced frontman lifestyle was his first love, he moved to Valencia, Spain, to study a music masters in contemporary performance at Berklee College of Music. Opportunity soared when he landed on Spanish shores. He quickly gained local appraisal for his live acoustic and 5-piece band sets played at popular venues around the city.

In June 2017, the Umculo bulldozer smashed his way onto Radio 3’s breakfast morning show, Hoy Empieza Todo, where he played live for 200,000 listeners. His musical escapades didn’t stop there. His prime-time slots at Plan B Falles Festival 2017, the Negrita stage at Festival De Les Arts 2017 and, the 3,000 audience strong, La Nit de Berklee 2017 were further feathers in the cap of his success in Spain.

Steve’s energy and positivity is as contagious as it is refreshing. His engaging presence and cheerful attitude will leave you captivated, motivated and invigorated.

Sing. Dance. Smile:)