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Chain Smoking Sessions

Smoking Kills Bar

78a 4th Ave

Tel: 071 346 8804
Chain Smoking Sessions

7 Reasons to see SonOfOld:

  1. SonOfOld are just about to drop there new album on the 23rd and also expect to hear there newly dropped single "Much Better" live on the day!
  2. If you don't know SonOfOld perhaps you'll know Nic Olsen from Perez. Yeap, same person and how great where they...
  3. Tickets are only R120, a bargain for what you are getting!
  4. 40 people maximum for the show, once they are gone, they are gone
  5. Chain Smoking sessions is a platform for local and national South African artists, where 100% of the money goes to the band and the sound guy.
  6. The bar will be open until 12pm, so plenty of time for a little drink after the show.
  7. And yes, its "Son Of Old". Not "Sono Fold" as I was asked the other day as the poster is all in caps...

Here is a little more about them:

"Nic Olsen is no stranger to the South African music scene. He was one of the frontmen of popular SA band Perez and has written multiple hit songs such as The Parlotones’ Push Me To The Floor and the Perez hit Picture Perfect. His new single, Atom Man, is released as part of his solo project, SonOfOld.

SonOfOld started developing as a solo project between the first and second Perez albums. Around 2008, Olsen released two albums with German indie label, Little Teddy Recordings. Third album The Wolf Album was released after Olsen‘s time in The Parlotones . On this record he was joined by well-known German drummer Florian Schanze and for a short while SonOfOld became a two-piece rock band. The Wolf Album was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini and, although it enjoyed critical acclaim, SonOfOld went into remission when Olsen relocated from Germany back to South Africa in 2011. Olsen continued to contribute to The Parlotones and Kahn Morbee‘s solo material and apart from a brief reunion of Perez at Splashy Fen in 2018, there was not much performing going on at all."