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Chain Smoking Sessions

Smoking Kills Bar

78a 4th Ave

Tel: 071 346 8804
Chain Smoking Sessions

8 Reasons to see this gig:

  1. Pretty much the best “Afro-roots-rock-dub-reggae” band in the wooorld!
  2. They write and perform original reggae music with traditional African music influences like maskandi and mbaqanga.
  3. The bands sound is original roots reggae with strong rock, ska and blues influences.
  4. They are the most beautiful humans inside and out!
  5. Only R120 a ticket!
  6. If you feel like having a lekker lekker dans then you can’t miss this show!!!
  7. It’ll be their first live show in a very, very, very long time!
  8. If you need to feel a little light shine onto you and you need an injection of kindness, positivity and love then this show is definitely for you!
  9. Also, there’ll be rum, fun & good times for all!!!