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Victoria Yards

16 Viljoen Street

Tel: 010 594 5210

MAIN ART EVENT is on Saturday 28 March - At 17h00 buyers can reserve their A5 art which can be collected at 18h00. Everybody Love Everybody will host a quiz night after the art sale.

Make a weekend of It! Be part of the world’s biggest A5 art exhibition! Buy a ticket & start your art collection while helping raise funds for child education.

At R150 per artwork, you could snap up an original by a famous artist.

The weekend includes the launch of Art Battle SA, a fashion show, quiz night, creative workshops, curated art aisles & an art auction with comedy thrown in.

Plus bespoke food trucks (from Mexican to vegan), craft drinks (charcoal Martini anyone?), amazing live music, a crafters market and chilled spaces & galleries to check out! Bring your kids – all welcome.

Note: Parking is limited. We suggest you use Uber or Taxify

PLUS - DROP-OFF BOX link with venues for those donating artwork here: http://johannesburg.1000drawings.org/drop-off-doodle-spots/