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How to add an event on Joe Blog

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First you'll need to signup to add a user name — which has to be unique, so if your name is John Smith, you may need to add a middle initial or something. A nickname is fine, but your user name must be at least four characters long.

Second you'll need to set a password. Given all the lawsuits over hackers stealing passwords, I'll briefly digress into how Joe Blog protects passwords.

Password Policy

Long story short, your password for this site never leaves your browser. Joe Blog has largely been an educational exercise for me — Robert Laing — and I've written a tutorial on how to use the encryption functions which all modern browsers have to match user names and passwords without wiring sensitive information over the interwebs or storing passwords in servers to get hacked.

Since I don't know your password, if you forget it, you'll need to contact me and I'll randomly generate a new password and e-mail it to you. As I'll explain next, that's the only reason to include your email in the signup form.

The only rule I've made for passwords is that they be at least six characters long. Though the system doesn't enforce it, it's always a good idea to pick a relatively difficult password to guess so that a spammer doesn't masquerade as you, which would result in your trust level dropping as I'll explain below.

I use a "session cookie", which means if you want to add a new event after closing your browser, you'll need to login again. With modern browsers, that simply involves allowing the browser to remember whatever user name and password you picked.

E-mail Policy

Providing your email address is optional, and is helpful so I can communicate about any questions I have over events you post and to provide you with a new password if you forget your old one.

The email you provide won't be shared with anyone, and Joe Blog doesn't bulk mail anyone.

Trust Levels

Joe Blog is a free service, and a problem with free services is they suffer from the tragedy of the commons. To guard against spammers overrunning this site, I've instituted a system of trust levels. New accounts have a low trust level, so events posted are only visible to me, the admin, and the person who posted them. As soon as I know you are a bone fide performer, venue owner, event manager... I'll upgrade your trust level so the events you post will be immediately listed on the frontpage.