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What: 📅 For South Africa

For South Africa


Where: 🕳 AFDA Johannesburg Campus, L3

How much:

🎟️ R30.00Quicket

A documentary that critically asks the question,what did the Springbok victory really do for everyday South Africans? We argue that they are the fairytale we tell ourselves to distract from the hardships of everyday South African life.

As long as South Africa does not directly address the hardships that face our countrymen daily we can not claim national unity or excellence. It is important that we do not lose sight of ourselves and claim greatness on the world stage when the least of us have not tasted the justice promised in 1994. We should come together for each other’s sakes, for justice, the way we came together for World Cup glory. For South Africa explores the 1995 Rugby World Cup and asks whether the redemption of The Sprinboks and the redemption of South Africa from apartheid to rainbow nation is a project that is complete. We posit in For South Africa that a lot still has to change to meet the ideal we represent on social media.