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What: 🎭 Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist


Where: 🏛️ Atterbury Theatre

How much:

🎟️ R220Seatme

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist has been handing out his sense of humour for the past 35 years. With volunteers from the audience providing the fun of the evening, Andre hypnotises and then gets these stars of the show to perform in various strange, weird and very funny ways. Changing people into band members, washing machines and baywatch lifeguards is just part of the 70 min hilarious hypnosis show. Because every show features different members from the audience no two shows are ever the same. Andre’s show is a mix of psychology, comedy and hypnosis blended into one fun performance. Andre’s show is suitable for all ages and although Andre only hypnotises people older than 16, the show promises to be great fun to those who are watching.