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What: 📅 Frost Full moon meditation

Frost Full moon meditation


Where: 🕳 Blandford manor

How much:

🎟️ R100.00Quicket

🎟️ R250.00Quicket

Join us for this guided meditation practice under the light of the Frost Full moon in the sign of Scorpio.

We will be exploring how the Scorpio sign effects us in this full moon & what we are encouraged to practice during this time.

With this guided meditation and practice we will be going into mysterious depths of our emotions. Let’s practice letting go.

Questions to ask yourself:What emotions have been coming to light on the days leading up to this full moon?What emotions came with these?What to bring:Your intentions A journalCushions Blanket

What to expect:IntroductionGroup check-in Guided meditation

Date: Wed 22 MayTime: 18:30-20:30Venue: Blanford Manor 106 Hyperion Drive Northriding (Indoors in front of the fireplace)

Hot drinks purchases will be available from 18:00-18:30 from our Wild Goose Cafe.

Facilitator: Veronica Bosman To book: 0761094888Min body soul Wellness center: 0652050330