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Where: 🎪 Barnyard Menlyn

How much:

🎟️ R185.00Barnyard

Bollywood is known for its awestriking displays of colour, dance and celebration, especially when it comes to its famed song and dance sequences. Music and other performing arts have always been an integral part of the industry from the very start, and it continues to attract worldwide audiences to this day. The Bollywood Queen is a captivating show that truly encapsulates the essence of and the extravagant lifestyle of Bollywood.

This extraordinary show takes the audience on an enchanting journey through the decades, paying tribute to Bollywood’s esteemed Leading Ladies. From the golden age of the 1950s to the contemporary era of the 21st century, viewers can be immersed in the captivating evolution of Indian cinema. The exceptional soundtrack and visually stunning elements of the show are guaranteed to ignite a sense of joy and excitement within you, prompting you to dance before the vibrant entertainment even begins.

Renowned for his soulful voice, versatile singing and captivating on-stage charisma, Keeran Krishna is set to showcase a selection of iconic songs in a musical journey of Bollywood!

Creative director, Meesha Ghina Matta has orchestrated a spectacular performance featuring a diverse and energetic cast. Together, they celebrate not only the world of cinema but also the vibrant culture of Bollywood through a harmonious blend of new and classic music.

Dress Code (Optional): Bollywood Character