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What: 🎵 1 Hour Rebellion: Kwelinye Ilizwe 101

1 Hour Rebellion: Kwelinye Ilizwe 101


Where: 🕳 Botaki Ba Afrika

How much:

🆓 Quicket

Kwelinye Ilizwe 101This concept involves moving consciousness from an undesirable reality and into a world filled with love and magic.

StoryOn the 28th of July, Professor Lyrics and The Mad Scientist will be hosting a lecture with a few of their “outlawed” colleagues.

AV, Professor Lyrics is a communications specialist who is studying “Other Realm Interpretation”. AV was a highly decorated lecturer at a prestigious university. He was forced to retire and go into hiding after “inciting” riots from the students after introducing his own ideas in the class.

Psych, Mad Scientist is an off-grid backyard researcher studying “Alternative Artistic Expression”. Psych studied music and was a composer for the Institute Of World Music. He was banned from all art institutions after hypnotizing an audience with his Stuck in Boomtrap Instrumental presentation which led to the audience going into a trance and dancing uncontrollably for 3 days and 3 nights.