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What: U’R Con Hill March '24


U’R Con Hill March '24


U’R March 2024

/U-R:/, a slang for YOU ARE, 

A location where U’R, 

A vibe where U’R, 

A space where U can just BE

& U’R exactly at the right place.

U’R is Back!

And this season,

U’R is bigger!

U’R is better!

We’re moving locations to a bigger space where U can join us with more friends!

& due to popular demand, U can now secure a U’R ticket right here to join us on our larger return!

Join us for the new season of U’R, a space where U get to make more memories and have more fun!

U’R exactly where U need to be!



11 Kotze St , Braamfontein , Johannesburg , 2001

How much: