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What: Finding My Feet Book Launch


Finding My Feet Book Launch


The book launch of Kerry Walsh's book, \"Finding My Feet.\"Kerry is a motivational speaker and accessibility activist, and her book focuses on inspiring and empowering individuals who face unique daily challenges due to physically limiting rare diseases.
The book launch is scheduled for the 1st of March, which is also International Wheelchair Day. The event will be held at DreamBox South Africa.
It is important to recognize that over 10% of people worldwide suffer from some form of rare disease or related disability. This means that almost every family, school, or workplace knows at least one person who is striving to find their feet and live a good life despite their challenges. However, many people with rare diseases face daily unnecessary hurdles when navigating the world designed for the physically able. This is why we must be more inclusive, supportive, and helpful in meaningful and empowering ways.
Disability is so much more than just a physical limitation; it impacts a person on every level. To show care and connect better with someone facing these challenges, we need to understand what it means to live with a rare disease or disability. This can be difficult to grasp until we experience it ourselves.
Let's come together to support Kerry Walsh and her mission to inspire and empower individuals facing unique challenges.



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