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What: Geocaching Event in Rivonia - Catch the Feeling


Geocaching Event in Rivonia - Catch the Feeling


What is happening?
Join us on Saturday, October 21st for our first ever Evo Champion Geocaching Fundraiser.This family friendly event is a must for the whole family, to be hosted at EDU360 Integrated Education, located in Rivonia, Sandton
What do I need to bring and wear (optional)?
It is essential that you bring your own phone or tablet computer to the event. You can up your game play by dressing up as a warrior and let your creative instincts take hold on the day. Similar to Comicon, all guests are free to accessorise and play as any character of your choice. The sky is the limit!
What do we do?
In this Geolocation adventure, you become brave and fearless, becomming The Warrior, meaning that you will be making decisions, out-running monsters, solving puzzles, and testing your luck for points, among so much more.
Who do we play with?
The game is digital and takes place in real time, crossing between the real world and a digital world, accessible through your device - only to be seen by you. You may play in a team or play on your own. It is entirely up to you.
What might happen inthe game? Upon starting your adventure, you find me, a speechless slug-like creature with telepathic abilities. I shall be called Zoom Slug, living in the land of Crystopia. Soon, you will travel through portals and other plains in search of Spensar.Along your way, you will encounter friendly ghosts, not-so-friendly elemental beings, and seriously suspicious aliens.
How do I get started?
BUY your ticket on the Quicket platform.SCAN and LOAD the Action Track App and instrauction manual to your device at home, before visiting EDU360 on Saturday, October 21st.Get excited, get prepared and get into character.TRAVEL to the venue.Ready yourself for heaps of fun.SCAN the starting code to launch the game - The Search: A Zoom Slug Adventure.Unlimited play until you solve the game.



Cnr Forest Road and, Sunset Ave, Pineslopes, Johannesburg, 2194 , Gauteng , 2128

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