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What: 📅 Click Farm Indoor Aeroponic Training

Click Farm Indoor Aeroponic Training


Where: 🕳 Flame Station

How much:

🎟️ R550.00Quicket

A hands-on introduction to indoor Aeroponic Farming @ our experimental farm in Braamfontein. Whether you are a student, enthusiast, entrepreneur or just interested in learning about Aeroponic farming for yourself or to start a business.

Varieties of Vertical Farming SystemsBenefits of AeroponicsAdvantages and ChallengesAll about BasilGrow Tent Features Grow tower construction and maintenanceGrow LightsData and controlsPlanting and looking after seedlingsTransplanting seedlings to the towersNutrients, Pest Management, Equipment MaintenanceWater Quality Airflow and HumidityHarvestingGetting started with Agri-tech - Raspberry for Automation