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What: 📅 Young Entrepreneurs Seminar

Young Entrepreneurs Seminar


Where: 🕳 Hoërskool Centurion

How much:

🎟️ R199.00Quicket

🎟️ R299.00Quicket

🎟️ R599.00Quicket

Embark on Your Journey to Young Millionairehood…

Discover the roadmap to early financial success at the Young Entrepreneurs Seminar, presented by The Soaring Company, renowned for empowering over 150 entrepreneurs in the past two years. Now, it’s your time to shine! This exclusive evening event is crafted for young visionaries, including teenagers and students with budding businesses or groundbreaking ideas.

Are you ready to be the next kid entrepreneur who hits the million-dollar mark?Are you a student tired of the same old student life, yearning for more?Are you facing financial challenges and seeking a fresh approach beyond conventional employment?

This seminar is your gateway to success! Join us as we bring together top-tier business leaders who will impart invaluable wisdom, strategies, and insights gained from both triumphs and setbacks, guiding you through the initial steps of your wealth creation journey—yes, even as a teenager! Prepare to be inspired and challenged by compelling stories that ignite action and clarify your dreams.

Meet our esteemed speakers:

Ferdie Heunis: Founder and “Chief Dreamer” of Roarrr, dedicated to personal, team, and organizational development. With a fervent passion for youth empowerment and adventure, Ferdie is a master at unlocking potential.Bongani von Bodenstein: Co-founder of Vonbodenstein Lions and soon-to-be Chartered Accountant. Bongani’s financial expertise coupled with his dedication to youth advocacy make him an influential advisor.Cate Rapudi: CEO and Founder of CRRenewables, an environmental consultant and energy solutions specialist. Cate’s journey from poverty to prosperity equips her with the knowledge to break free from financial constraints, passionately investing in youth and the future of our nation.Christo de Jager: Founder and Visionary Leader of The Soaring Company, a dynamic entrepreneurial activist on a mission to empower young people to tackle societal challenges with purpose.

Don’t miss out on this powerhouse lineup!

Here’s What Attendees Have to Say:

“Attending the seminar was eye-opening! Hearing from experienced and up-and- coming business owners gave me a fresh perspective on the world of business, instilling hope and motivation to make a difference in South Africa!” - Milla Jooste"I was uncertain about my academic path and lacked interest in reading. Now, enrolled at the University of Pretoria, I’m devouring every business book I can find. The Soaring Company changed my life!" - Thabo Pitsoo"This seminar was an exceptional and professional event that provided invaluable insights. My partner and I left with actionable notes, immediately implementing what we learned. Grateful for this transformative experience!" - André Kok

Don’t hesitate! Secure your tickets today and embark on a journey to transform your life…