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What: 📅 Mom and kids Fun Walk Johannesburg

Mom and kids Fun Walk Johannesburg


Where: 🕳 Megawatt Park

How much:

🎟️ R70.00

The Mom and child Fun Walk is the perfect opportunity for moms and sons to spend quality time together while getting exercise and fresh air. Our event is all about promoting communication and creating a fun and inclusive environment. Open to moms and kids of all ages, this is an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you are a 50 year old man who wants to bring your elderly mom or a young moms that wants to bring her sons, this is an event for you. So come out and join us for a day of fun and bonding!

The aim is to encourage and improve dialogue between the two so we will have three stops where they will be given a topic of discussion. The aim is to discuss these topics during the walk learn to communicate beyond the event. Completion is the aim not coming first as some topics may be topics that many have never discussed before.

The event is open to moms and kids, you may not enter as an individual.Moms are allowed to have more than one son at the event.5 KM WalkInitial two tickets are sold at R70 but extra tickets will be R50 for moms with more than one son.

Participants will not be allowed to start on alone but must have the other member/s with them, this will also apply to finishing the race, you must finish as you started.

For More info contact usCall: 087 265 6944Whatsapp: +27 79 343 7011