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What: 📅 Flowgear Sync: Power up your integration with a platform

Flowgear Sync: Power up your integration with a platform


Where: 🕳 Microsoft Office Park

How much:

🎟️ R2450.00

Join us for an informative one day event where you’ll learn how businesses around the world are harnessing the power of platform-based integration to create efficient processes.

All organisations are dependent on multiple apps and services but the complexity of moving data between them means that many businesses fall back to inflexible prebuilt integrations or even manual data re-capture.

Flowgear is South Africa’s first Integration PaaS (platform as a service). Our platform enables organisations to build reliable integrations across all their apps and services without compromising on control.

Whether you’re just starting to explore how integration can create a more efficient business or are looking to mature your integration stack, Flowgear Sync will equip you with strategy as well as practical information to reduce operational cost and improve efficiency.

Session Topics

Embark: How to develop an integration gameplanAI: Cut through the hype and explore how AI accelerates integration designAI: ML with model fine tuning & consumption in FlowgearSecurity: Principles for securing dataLifecycle: Keeping control as integrations evolve and expandArchitecture: Reduce cost and support with modular, reusable designLive Build: See our iterative prototyping & design approachApps: Fill UI gaps in your business processes with lightweight Flowgear custom appsPartner with Flowgear Panel Discussion: Hear from our loyal clients

For further information contact Shaney Zannoni: / +27 11 731 0627