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What: 🎵 Choral Colours

Choral Colours


Where: 🕳 Nazareth House Chapel

How much:

🎟️ R200.00Quicket

An enchanting concert that celebrates the beauty and diversity of unaccompanied choral works. We invite you to experience the seamless blend of voices as they intertwine like hues on an artist’s canvas, creating a vivid tapestry of sound and emotion. Featuring the intricate polyphony of Byrd, the harmonic richness of Stanford, and the contemporary flair of Pieter Louise van Dijk, our program aim to explore the full spectrum of choral colours. Come and experience the grand and expressive works of Parry, the innovative textures of Britten, the unique blend of sound by Lourens Faul, and the lyrical charm of Noel Coward. These composers add such depth to the harmonies, much like the contrast of light and shadow in visual art.

Join us for an unforgettable evening where the artistry of choral music transports you to a world where sound and colour merge in perfect harmony.