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What: 📅 Kwasha! The 7th Presents Kwa’Mnyamandawo

Kwasha! The 7th Presents Kwa’Mnyamandawo


Where: 🕳 Ramolao Makhene,Market Square, Johanneburg

How much:

🎟️ R80.00Webtickets

Kwa’ Mnyamandawo follows a junior investigative journalist delving into the housing crisis in Hillbrow’s abandoned buildings. Her research leads her to Kwa’ Mnyamandawo, a building plagued by police raids and corruption. With the help of a local tour guide, she uncovers a dark web of illegal trades and faces a pivotal choice: expose the truth or uplift the lives of the residents. This gripping drama sheds light on societal issues and moral dilemmas