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What: 📅 Single Ladies Luxury Day Retreat

Single Ladies Luxury Day Retreat


Where: 🕳 Seven Villa and Spa Sandton

How much:

🎟️ R1200.00

Hey, Single Ladies!! Come unlock your charm and rewrite your love story. Join us at the Single Ladies Luxurious Retreat. Are you ready to elevate your love life and say goodbye to past heartaches? Are you looking for a beautiful future filled with passion and purpose?Our Single Ladies Luxury Retreat will help you Heal, Thrive and Grow. You will be able to leave all past relationship traumas behind and embrace a future of love and empowerment. There is indeed a lot in store for you: · We will teach you proven strategies to help you land your dream relationship;· We will help you find clarity, enabling you to understand yourself and the relationship you truly desire better;· We will help you embrace self-mastery so you can own your worth like never before;· We will help you master the art of intimacy, enabling you to ignite sparks of passion and deep seduction like never before.· We will help you equip yourself with powerful tools to attract your heart’s desires so you can cultivate a fulfilling relationship;· We will teach you the art of activating your feminine energy, helping you transform from accepting masculine dominance to normalizing feminine radiance. Your journey to love and self-discovery starts here, so join us for this transformative retreat that comes with laughter, healing, and empowerment.

The Program for the Day:Life and relationship coaching master classArt of Sex and Seduction Feminine powerSelf love and Mastery Lunch and BubblesSelf care - curated goodie bag

Accommodation and Spa (Not included but optional email us for deais We have limited seats available, so secure your spot now!! Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to redefine your love life and enjoy the romance you deserve. Reserve your ticket NOW!!