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What: 📅 St Dominic's Mother & Daughter Tea COMPETITION ENTRY

St Dominic's Mother & Daughter Tea COMPETITION ENTRY


Where: 🕳 St Dominic's Catholic School for Girls, Boksburg

How much:

🎟️ R10.00Quicket

🎟️ R20.00Quicket

🎟️ R30.00Quicket

🎟️ R40.00Quicket

🎟️ R50.00Quicket

🎟️ R60.00Quicket

🎟️ R70.00Quicket

🎟️ R80.00Quicket

🎟️ R90.00Quicket

🎟️ R100.00Quicket

🎟️ R110.00Quicket

🎟️ R120.00Quicket

🎟️ R130.00Quicket

🎟️ R140.00Quicket

🎟️ R150.00Quicket

🎟️ R160.00Quicket

🎟️ R170.00Quicket

🎟️ R180.00Quicket

The Grade 10 girls are raising funds for the 2025 Matric Dance and would appreciate your support.Kindly note, these “tickets” are competition entries to win one of our fantastic prizes. The draw will take place on 19 May at the Mother & Daughter Tea. You do not need to be present at the Tea to win a prize.

NB: Tickets for attending the Mother & Daughter Tea cost R150 and are available from Mrs Goncalves in the St Dominic’s Accounts office. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you!