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What: Rocky Horror Drag Show


Rocky Horror Drag Show


The Gay Club Club is a vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ+ venue known for its incredible events and unforgettable experiences. Located in Boksburg, the club has a reputation for hosting some of the most flamboyant and thrilling parties in town.

One of the highly anticipated events at The Gay Club is the Rocky Horror Drag Show. This extravaganza brings together a talented cast of drag performers who flawlessly recreate the cult classic film, \"The Rocky Horror Picture Show.\" The night is filled with outrageous costumes, dazzling makeup, and captivating performances 

Throughout the night, attendees are encouraged to join in the celebration and embrace their own inner diva. Whether they dress up as their favorite characters or simply let loose and dance the night away, everyone is guaranteed to have a fantastic time!



North Rand Rd & Gibb Rd, Driefontein 85-Ir, Boksburg, Gauteng, 1459

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