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What: 📅 Suits & Sneakers presents: "How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos" with Bruce Whitfield

Suits & Sneakers presents: "How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos" with Bruce Whitfield


Where: 🕳 The Tryst

How much:

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🎟️ R150.00Quicket

Join us for the 9th edition of Suits & Sneakers in 2024 as we host Bruce Whitfield on the Suits & Sneakers stage for the very first time. Hear why you should attend from the man himself:

LET’S GET INTO IT. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND THIS EVENT?The future belongs to those who can best manage uncertainty and your success in an age of ambiguity, will be determined by the quality of the decisions you make. You will make better choices when you understand what shapes your thinking and why you respond to the world in the way you do.

Bruce Whitfield’s new 45-minute presentation draws on material distilled from 50 000 interviews with founders, leaders, mavericks and entrepreneurs and shares insights into their motivations, drivers and incentives for those that want to lead into the future. How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos focuses on the importance of strategic decision making in an uncertain and rapidly changing world.

The world faces an unprecedented number of “megathreats” and the way you approach those will determine whether or not you thrive in the current environment. In the information economy in which we live there is no shortage of news, data and analysis upon which to base our decisions, however it can be overwhelming. What do you take into account and what do you ignore? Everyone one of us needs to harness one superpower – that is knowing what to ignore – and that is harder than you might think.

This presentation will help you think with greater clarity and ask better questions about the decisions you need to take for your future.