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What: Mark Sham presents: Happiness isn't what you think (Joburg edition)


Mark Sham presents: Happiness isn't what you think (Joburg edition)


Suspend your associations with the word \"happiness\" and come learn about a topic you didn't think you needed. This isn't the sit around the fire, hold hands, and sing \"kumbaya\" moment you might think it is...
LET'S GET INTO IT. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND THIS EVENT?The reason you should attend this talk by Mark Sham is because the evening's content is a no-bullshit guide to improving your mental health, and learning to acquire the mental tools and emotional infrastructure to deal with the complexity of life; both personally and professionally.
LET'S DEFINE HAPPINESS!It’s worth noting that the word HAPPINESS is quite loaded, and it means different things to different people. In this case, happiness isn't about “feeling” happy all the time, but rather about developing the tools and infrastructure to deal with the complexity of life in a healthy, and sustainable manner.
HOW DID THIS TALK COME ABOUT?Mark started working on this concept before COVID because he felt that we needed to address many issues in the workplace. As fate would have it, COVID just amplified what was already happening in the world. Mark believe companies can do something incredible by looking after the mental health of their people, and also helping them to understand how to deal with the complexities of life.
Mark also believe that companies can also draw a direct link between the HAPPINESS of their staff and profit. He believes this talk is a great way to reframe the difficulties of the last three years, and then help people march through 2023 with the right mindset.
PARTNERSWe are only able to host this event because of our wonderful partnerships with Discovery Bank, Vitality Travel, LIFT Airline, and Veldskoen! More about this partnership on the night!



Woodlands Office Park Next to the GYM, Woodlands, Sandton, 2080, South Africa , Gauteng

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