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What: 📅 ChatGPT Masterclass for Finance Professionals

ChatGPT Masterclass for Finance Professionals


Where: 🕳 The Venue at 39 Melrose Boulevard

How much:

🎟️ R5250.00

ChatGPT, Gemini and other generative IT are changing the way people interact and do business. But many finance professionals don’t know how to take the first step into gaining value from these tools. That’s all about to change for you with this unmissable ChatGPT Masterclass for Finance Professionals, brought to you by CFO South Africa, and hosted by Maarten de Borst, global AI and finance guru.

In this course, you will learn how you can summarise text files, talk to PDFs, analyse complex data sets, understand the risks of cybercrime, and identify how generative AI can revolutionise your finance processes. With these skills under your belt, you will speed up reporting, free up vital human skills to do more value-adding work and boost your bottom line!

This one-day course, which has sold out at every event in Europe since its launch in mid-2023, has been created especially with use cases and hands-on tasks for finance professionals, and will take you from “playing around with it” to becoming an expert user.

What you will learn: - An introduction to AI and its impact on the work of financial professionals- Insight into Large Language Models (LLMs) and specifically ChatGPT- Recognition of dangers such as fraud and cybercrime in relation to AI- Effective use of AI technologies in a financial context- Identifying opportunities that AI offers for financial processes- Exploration of practical AI applications in the financial sector and beyond

Who is this masterclass for?- Financial professionals who want to increase efficiency and spend more time on strategic tasks- Financial managers and controllers who want to strengthen their analytical skills with AI- Risk managers who want to use AI to better identify and manage risks- Investors and analysts who want to use AI tools to make better predictions

Maarten de Borst is a strategy consultant at Numbers , a boutique technology consulting firm in Amsterdam. He’s the author of three books, a public speaker and technology advisor to the Amsterdam Police. Maarten has a background in Economics and Finance.