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What: EDEN 9.12.23


EDEN 9.12.23


EDEN returns as Johannesburg's Garden of Original Sin. Join the disobedient dance party where kink is culture and sin is sacred. This time we're celebrating sin with a summer pool party and a sensory experience at a hidden boutique hotel in Houghton. EAT THE FRUITSATURDAY 9 DECEMBER 20234PM - MIDNIGHTVILLA SIMONNE, HOUGHTON EARTHLY DELIGHTS: Music to your earsSparkling poolDedicated spanking stationShibari performancesQueer joyBody positivityBig bassAbundance of fruitSinners welcome FOR THE FIRST TIMEVilla Simonne will provide limited, luxurious guest rooms, each with unique features like giant bathtubs, shower rooms, and mirrors on the ceiling.Rooms will be strictly accessible to pre-reserved guests only.Bookings include access to EDEN, an in-room gift bag, and breakfast. STRICTLY KINK DRESS CODE - Dress like you mean itFIRMLY ENFORCED CODE OF CONDUCT - Knowledge of Good and EvilNO ENTRY UNDER THE AGE OF 21 - Bring your ID if you drink from the fountain of youthBigotry, harassment and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated R.O.A.R. Boundaries keep us safe and we strongly adhere to them. Please read our event rules and dress code guidelines at_eden.the.fruit on Instagram.



16 West St, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198 , Gauteng

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