Joe Blog is an on-off hobby of journalist Robert Laing aimed at letting Jo'burgers know what wonderful live music, comedy, art exhibits, theatre and other events are happening in their vibrant and creative city.

Joe Blog has sadly been off for the past two years because it was getting events from Facebook automatically, a service which broke after Facebook toughened up its rules.

With time on my hands after ditching my job at a daily newspaper to devote myself to the interwebs full time, I looked up why facebook had cut the information flow to Joe Bog and discovered I was guilty of three misdemeanours:

  1. No App Icon (1024 x 1024)
  2. No Privacy Policy URL
  3. No Business Use

Reason two resulted in this page. I'm no lawyer, but will do my best to cover the required information.

This website publishes (Facebook allowing) gigs listed as events by Jo'burg-based entertainers and venues which I assume they want publicised, since they listed them on Facebook. Ideally performers and venue managers should have more control — but since I've only just moved this site to Digital Ocean who don't allow customers to set up mail servers for 60 days to fend off spammers — the best way to let me know if you want to be added (or omitted) from the list is to message me on facebook at

To give this website some kind of business use, I've signed up with Google Adsense and Google Analytics, which means there are third party cookies.

Regarding the first issue, I'm hoping Facebook will accept this as my app icon (it's just a joke, my startup is sadly not in a position to hire anyone yet)