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Jason Goliath

Jason Goliath

Covid has caused immense damage and comedy clubs across the continent have shut down. SA comedy has been rated as the best and, as comedians, we have the ability to communicate in a First World language but our story is much deeper and more creative because we are able to add a Third World blend, making our experiences more colourful than anyone else’s. We do need more stage time to grow our audience. And the more we grow the audience, the better they will understand the industry, and be able to choose their favourite genres.

Birthday Show 2015

Jason Goliath is a larger than life comedian who literally is larger than life (it’s because all this personality won’t fit into a smaller body ok!)

Expresso Show

Jason, Donovan and Nicholas Goliath join Expresso for a morning of laughs and fun!

Comedy Central Live S1 Ep 1

Jason Goliath Full Set