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Pedro Barbosa

Pedro Barbosa

I was fortunate to work with one of my favourite producers in SA and someone who I will gladly call my brother today, Mark Beling. He was a pillar for me during this recording, he gave me a lot of support emotionally as well as creatively. He is an inspiration for me and someone I look up to, with those things the whole process felt easy and amazing. Every time we finished a song it was a fantastic feeling and we were so aligned in terms of creativity as well as emotionally, almost like we could read each other, so it made the whole process beautiful and

Latin Song

Live at Smoking Kills Bar.

Crazy Love Is

Born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1979, Pedro discovered his love for Music at an early age but never knew this would turn out to be his career until he was 20 years old. At the age of 15 Pedro started writing his own songs and in the same period he learnt to play the guitar. Thinking Music wasn’t a profitable career, after finishing school Pedro went and did 6 months of Pharmacy, then a year of Marine Biology only to realize that his true calling was in Music. So he packed his bags and moved to Pretoria, South Africa where he did a 3 year National Diploma course in Jazz, Performance and Sound Technology. After this he went to Los Angeles where he studied for a short period of time at the well known Musicians Institute, where he studied Professional song writing and Production.