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Victoria Yards

16 Viljoen Street

Tel: 010 594 5210
Victoria Yards

Redefining the Joburg inner-city landscape

Through building an eco-system where tenants thrive as a community, Victoria Yards presents a uniquely integrated urban complex that is as much about social development as it is commercial enterprise.

If you have happened to arrive at Victoria Yards on our First Sunday then, well done!

This is the only day of the month that you can expect all studios and restaurants to be open, with the Makers and Growers Market in action and a host of other activities including Makers Patch for kids.

If you happen to be here and it is not a First Sunday, well, we are very happy to have you here but we do feel your pain if you have travelled from afar and are feeling let down. The studios are operated by real people that also need time out.

If it is food you are after and don’t find anything that you prefer here, then The Troyville Hotel serves amazing Portuguese food and cold beer just a few minutes by car from here.